Migration Ballads

sm.MigrationBalladsAli F. Bilir (yazar), Susan S. Bright (editör), M. Ali Sulutas (çevirmen)

Basım Yılı: 2008

Yayıncı: Plain View Press

ISBN: 1891386395

Sayfa Sayısı: 128

Türü: Şiir


Pek yakında eklenecektir…

Nereden Alabilirim?


by Ali F. Bilir (Author), M. Ali Sulutas (Translator), Susan S. Bright (Editor),

Published in: 2008

Publisher: Plain View Press

ISBN: 1891386395

Pages: 128

Style: Poetry


Migration Ballads embraces the reader with a symphony of natural sound which purifies the inner world. It is the poet, gusts of wind from the Taurus Mountains, days and nights spreading out and a harvest of dreams. Happily, it is the sea bitten off and kissed by the moon. It is the color of death. And it is as if you could listen to all of this in the distilled voice of an old timer, or from the heavenly host of the mountains themselves.
Umit Sariaslan, poet, writer, critic, Turkey

Vivid, engaging poems! These poems take you many places, visually, tactilely, and emotionally.
R. Bruce Bickley, Jr., Griffith T. Pugh Professor of English, Emeritus, Florida State University, USA

Poets have neither a home, nor a town, nor a country. Their real places are the mountains, the rocks, the valleys, the trees, the swings, the kites. As you will see, Ali F. Bilir is standing up on his tasseled kites and/or magic carpets and flying around among the wondering stars.
M. Ali Sulutas, researcher, writer, Turkey

Ali F. Bilir is a poet who uses clear language and complex syntax. He is good with language, a poet somewhat difficult to translate. . . like Apollinaire.
Mustafa B. Yalciner, researcher, writer, Turkey

Ali Bilir is a true poet. His last name means one who knows; one who is insightful…
Farideh Hasanzadeh-Mostafavi, poet and translator, Iran

To me, the poems are the way of breathing. Thank you for giving me a fresh, colorful, and deep breath.
Arzu Gungor, educational researcher, Florida State University, USA

Editing the poetry of Ali Bilir as translated from Turkish by M. Ali Sulutas has been an honor, like speaking to the soul of a friend you have never met, like finding a window no one has discovered into the work of Lorca, or Vallejo. These wonderful poems were given to me by Bilir’s daughter, Defne, reminding me I am also the daughter of a poet whose first book I published, reminding me that poetry travels around the world from friend to friend, family to family, soul to soul.
Susan Bright, poet, publisher, USA



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  1. Renee dedi ki:

    This was written by the father of a friend of mine from grad school. She and her family are from Turkey. These poems are beautiful, and I especially enjoyed the section at the end where the translator listed the time and conditions surrounding his traslations. It shows that not only is the poet migratory, but so is the translator. I had the chance to meet Mr. Bilir, and he is a very kind, intelligent man. They are one of the warmest families I’ve encountered, and I hope to go back to Turkey (I spent a few hours in Istanbul several yrs ago) and visit in their home.

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