Hello and welcome to my website!

I want to meet you and share my opinions about art, poetry, and stories. I want this from the bottom of my heart. It is my art perception. To me, reflecting our life and world one-to-one is not the main responsibility of the artist. Everyday, we observe outer world, other people and their life and we realize that how complex, conflicting and obscure it is. It is changing every moment. Please look around yourself, look through your life. We are convicted in our own world. On the other hand, we live in our limited life but covered with love and happiness. How would you like to spend your life? Conflicts, questions, questions…

I try to answer these questions when I write. First and foremost I do it for myself and to acknowledge the world and myself. I write to extract new meanings from my life and my daily observations. My consciousness is not enough along with the guidance of my feelings and emotions. There are many things I couldn’t solve. That is why rather than trying to explain everything, I prefer leaving some empty pieces in my poems, and short stories. That is why I choose to ask questions and let my readers answer them.

I believe that an art work, a story, a novel and especially a poem is a fictitious manuscript that is completed when it is read. To my understanding, during his journey, the reader challenges the questions. There is a balance in every art piece, in one end the artist who created the art piece and in the other end the reader who perceive it. Both of them are creative, willing, keen and sincere… My heart is always open to the sincere friendships… Please do not wait at the doorstep, knock my door and enter my world, to meet each other… As long as you know it, you will see how similar and different our world is…

There are many beautiful people who contribute to my identity as a writer and poet. I would like to send my sincere thanks from here. First of all, to my wife Saadet, my daughter Defne, my son Kuzey and to his wife Tanla who prepares this website and brings us together.

I also would like to thank you to all of my readers who always inspire me and push me further with their encouraging criticism. There are also many gorgeous people that I can not possibly mention their name with this limited space but I can say thank you to them.

Kind regards,

Ali F.Bilir

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