Poetry in Translation: Separation

Cindy Hochman’s “Separation-Ayrılık” has been translated into Turkish and published in the literary magazine Afrodisyas Sanat, in March-April 2012 issue.

Afrodisyas Sanat - Mart,Nisan 2012 - Kapak
Afrodisyas Sanat – Mart,Nisan 2012 – Kapak
Afrodisyas Sanat - Mart,Nisan 2012 - 43.Sayfa
Afrodisyas Sanat – Mart,Nisan 2012 – 43.Sayfa


Love and marriage
Love and marriage
Soon dissolve and into
Divorce and disparage

Yet another dangling participle
no arms, no legs, no love,
a paperless amputation

A parting of the ways
A parting of the wise
A parting of the wife

My name, an awkward black dash
heavy hyphen of who-am-I?

This was an 8 1/2 minute gap
This was a bit-stop along 1-95
somewhere between
Red state, blue state
Yours and mine
Here and there
There and gone

Even an amicable div-
Even an uncontested divo-
Isn’t completely bloodless

Leaves a little strain, a little sprain, a little stain
Between annual and void

by Cindy Hochman
See Turkish translation by Ali F. Bilir

Cindy Hochman

Cindy Hochman is a proofreader and researcher from Brooklyn, New York. She is the editor-in-chief of the online journal First Literary Review-East and an associate editor for Mobius, ThePoetryMagazine. She is the co-host of the Green Pavilion Reading Event and the associate editor of Thin Air Cable Show. In addition, Cindy is a contributing book reviewer for Pedestal Magazine, Home Planet News, Coldfront Magazine, Gently Read Literature, and New Mirage Journal. She strongly believes that poetry has the power to forge peace around the globe.

Also, Cindy is the author of two published poetry books, “Wednesday’s Child” (2001) and “The Carcinogenic Bride (2011).

Author and critic John Amen evaluates Cindy’s work as following: “Cindy Hochman immediately enrolls as a reader with rhythm and humor, as well as quirky and compelling imagery. As her collection progresses, she veers in more sultry and surrealistic directions, never losing her sense of playfulness…”