Susan Bright’s Poem is Published in Afrodisyas Sanat

American poet, writer, publisher and activist Susan Bright’s poem, translated by Ali F. Bilir, is published in Afrodisyas Sanat Magazine in Turkey. The magazine includes Bright’s bio, her picture and her poem, “Prayer for the Children of the Earth-Dünya Çocukları İçin Yakarı”, at page 53. Bright deceased in December 2010, after a short battle with cancer.

In Memory of Susan Bright

Susan Bright and Ali Bilir
Austin poet and publisher Susan Bright with fellow poet Ali F. Bilir

Dear Friends,

I have received the sad news that my dear poet friend Susan Bright has passed away. From now on her poems full of love and hope will be our companion…

Susan Bright has been my dear poet friend since 2007. We kept in touch since then. She introduced my poetry to American readers by publishing my book ‘Migration Ballads’ with her publishing company, Plain View Press, in May 2008. This event gave me the chance to visit and meet her in person with my family in Austin, Texas. Her unique poems that reflect natural ability for use of magical language leading to universal friendship has had a magical impact on me. I’ll keep her friendship in my heart forever…

Note: Below you can read both Bright’s poem entitled “Prayer For Children of the World” and inspired from hers my poem, which I dedicated to Bright, entitled “Babies’ Know”.

Ali F. Bilir


The dead ask us to wake from our living death and look through the hole in our former reality. The path away from madness starts there. The path that led us here will not lead us away…
Alan Pogue


Prayer for the Children of the Earth

Let us all be children,
black eyes shining, blue eyes shining,
open wide to anyone, open to each other’s
Let us be adults who live justice, make peace,
love each other, forgive the past.
Let us pitch the seeds of war to tar,
so they can’t grow.
Let our children play on safe ground.
Let us repair ourselves and our governments.
Let us forgive each other.
Let us invent peaceful communities
for a living planet.
Let us all be children.
Let us shelter one another,
grieve together, cry like rain.
Let us heal the scar that came from
every horrible thing everyone has ever done.
Let us stop retaliating. Let us all be children.
Black eyes shining. Blue eyes shining.

Susan Bright

Dear Susan,

Thank you very much for the smiley and meaningful children image in your poem, “Prayer for the Children of the Earth”. My dear brother, M. Ali Sulutaş, kindly translated my poem “Bebekler Bilir” that I dedicated to you. I wish that all babies always smile.
Ali F. Bilir

Babies Know

To Susan Bright…

Babies know,
’cause they’re darlings.

Babies know,
’cause they’re flowers.

Babies know,
’cause they’re colors.

Babies know,
’cause they’re languages.

Babies know,
’cause they’re sagacious.

Babies know,
’cause they’re smiles.

Babies know,
’cause they’re babies.

Ali F. Bilir
Translated by M. Ali Sulutaş


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