4th International Çukurova Art Days


Ali F. Bilir and F. Saadet Bilir delivered speeches regarding poet Abdülkadir Bulut’s life and his poems at the 4th International Çukurova Art Days.

Ali F. Bilir informed audience about their two new books, “ Abdülkadir Bulut- Kasabalı Lorca” and “Kasabalı Lorca Abdülkadir Bulut’a Selam, ” which he co-authored with F. Saadet Bilir. He mentioned Bulut’s view of poetry, cross-sections from his life and examples from his poems.

F. Saadet Bilir introduced two of Bulut’s children books, “Üveyikler Göçerken” and “Sakar Tay” from Turkish language and narration stand-point. She mentioned about his prospect of children and his understanding of education. She also revealed Bulut’s less-known magazine articles.

Other guest speaker, short-story writer Mustafa B. Yalçıner talked about Bulut’s “Toroslarda Yaşam Erken Başlar” and “Sümbül Gölü’” books, with a special emphasis on the culture, nature, and people of Toros.

After the talk which took place at Silifke Egitim-Sen lounge, Bilir couple and Mustafa Yalçıner received memorial plates.


Bilir’s Poems are Published in India

Bilir`s poems are published in Thanal Online*, an India-based online magazine. The issue includes a brief review and five of Bilir`s poems from his recent book, Migration Ballads. Below is the original text from the magazine:

Poems of Ali F. Bilir: Maturity in expression

Maturity in expression is the one special feature I find in the poems of Ali F Bilir when I see the set of six poems sent to me by him for publication in thanalonline. The poem “After Long Separation “ deals with a long separation of perhaps spouses, perhaps permanent departure. The poem begins with a very statement :

Your house is still empty.
My heart is wounded.

It is very simple, but the couplet brings home an inner musical strain of sorrow. The poet dreams of seeing her again , but in vain. He comes to the mature conclusion that

Your house is still empty.
Hope is bandaging its wound.

Yes, it is all wounds in the heart. Still one has to realize the realities. “Fearsome Game” is another poem where the poet tries to explain how fighters for mankind through history have faced their to attasin immortality. They pick up thrown stones in stead of roses showered on them later by history and adorers.

I have been picking up these thrown Stones
since Spartacus.

This is a true sense of history. Poetry is and should be historical although poecy might be purely individual. “Prior to long journeys” depicts the urgent nostalgia inherent in any poet or any individual for his native place or motherland.

Looking back to my roots,
long journeys, many steps,
how gracefully my homeland
has run after me.

This is a feeling I experience always, I am not far away from my native village, still I feel foreign in the new habitation I am pushed into by circumstances and even by choice.

Maybe I will fall into
the emptiness of my youth.

What for did we walk along all the paths and lanes of life? The poet does not conclude that it was in vain, but he knows for sure that he is alone after all the journeys.

Poems in this issue

– After Long Separation
– Fearsome Game
– Prior To Long Journeys
– Silk Handkerchief
– The Brand New Day

* Thanal Online, Volume 4 , Issue 1, December 2009. http://www.thanalonline.com/Issues/13/poems_ali_home_en.htm

Ali F.Bilir’s Recent Book “Migration Ballads” is at Cumhuriyet Newspaper

Ali F. Bilir`s recent book “Migration Ballads” is introduced in the daily Turkish newspaper, Cumhuriyet. The details about the news which is published in June 23th, 2008 is as following:

Bilir’s books have been Published

Culture Section – Poet Ali F. Bilir`s book, Migration Ballads, a combination of his two prior books, Göç Türküsü (1995) and Güz Anımsamaları (2003), has been published by Plain View Press in the US with the support of TEDA Project by Turkish Ministry of Culture. Migration Ballads is translated by Mehmet Ali Sulutaş and edited by poet Susan Bright.

The original news can be found at: Cumhuriyet Haberi