Ali F.Bilir`s poems, short stories and articles on various subjects have been published in local, regional, national, and international periodicals, magazines, and journals. He has received many awards:

* 2008, The people who make impressions on Mersin, awarded by the Mersin Governor`s Office and the University of Mersin

* 2004, S. Avni Ölez poetry award, Jury Special Prize, for the poetry book of Güz Animsamalari (Autumn Reminiscences)

* 1998, Samim Kocagöz fiction story award, 2nd place

* 1996, Ibrahim Yildiz poetry award, Honorable Mention for the book of Göç Türküsü (Migration Ballads)

* 1993, Orhan Kemal fiction story award, 3rd place

* 1990, Günes Magazine (Sweden), fiction story award, 3rd place

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