Ali F Bilir Has Attended Big Bend Poets Event

Dear friends,

I am sending my regards from Tallahasse Florida and I would like to share about a great activity I have attended with my wife Saadet and my daughter Defne.

This event was organised by ‘Big Bend Poets’ a chapter of Florida Writer’s Association at a Barnes and Noble store on March 14th, 2017. The event started with short speeches facilitated by the Chair Summer Hill Seven.

Then Saadet and I recited two poems from Karacaoglan, a Turkish folk poet. This is followed with ‘Kim Olursan Ol Yine Gel’ from Rumi by Defne. Last, Defne (in English) and I (in Turkish) read ‘Just Smile’ (tranlated by Jonathan Ross and published in Scribbles March 2017 edition) which I have written for my grandson, as well as three of my poems from Migration Ballads.

Wave have sent our regards to the universal world of poetry, to Spring, to love, hope and peace altogether with our American poet friends.

I am ending my words with the poem I wrote for my grandson, Can:

Just Smile
For my grandson, Can
Just smile,
and let the stars in the sky glint
in your eyes.

Just smile,
and let wild flowers bloom
from your mother’s face.

Just smile,
and let your father whisper his heart
into your ears.

Just smile,
and let your aunt sing you
a lullaby.

Just smile,
and let grandma and grandpa find a place
to hold
their loving warmth.

Just smile,
and let good news come
from your country.

Ali F. Bilir -Translated by Jonathan Ross