Ali F. Bilir Attended to the “Turkish Culture at FSU” Poetry Event

Ali F. Bilir attended to the “Turkish Culture at FSU” poetry event at the FSU Center for Global Engagement’s “International Bazaar 2011” at March 26, 2011. After his introductory speech, Bilir read his poems “Fearsome Game” and “Prior to Long Journeys“, as well as, “For Me” from another famous Turkish poet, Abdulkadir Bulut, in Turkish. The English versions of same poems have been presented by his daughter, Ph.D. candidate Defne Bilir.

Defne Bilir and Ali F. Bilir at the poetry event

Turkish Culture at FSU (TC at FSU) is a non-profit organization of students and other affiliates of Florida State University. TC at FSU is an organization not only for Turkish community or those of Turkish descent, but also for anyone who is interested in Turkish language, culture, and people.

“Turkish Culture at FSU” event table

Could you sew a shirt for me
Of the soils on which
We have eaten olive and bread

Could you sew a shirt for me
And make two pockets on the breast
From the mountain breeze

Could you sew a shirt for me
Out of my longing for you, which
I have felt so many years

Poet: Abülkadir Bulut
Translation: Defne Bilir – Kuzey Bilir
Edit: Mehmet Ali Sulutaş