Ali F. Bilir and F. Saadet Bilir attended the Silifke International Culture Week

Poet and author Ali F. Bilir and his wife author F. Saadet Bilir delivered a speech at the 36th Silifke International Culture Week. In their talk, the couple expressed the importance of Silifke in their life as well as the importance of the local culture in society. Bilirs not only read poems from the famous Turkish poets Karacaoğlan and Abdülkadir Bulut but also answered participants’ questions, and signed their books.

Ali F. Bilir and F.Saadet Bilir also met with M. Ali Sulutas, the author who translated Ali F. Bilir’s poems from Turkish to English, and Rasim Ors, the young and talented author who won the 2009 Yunus Nadi Award with the research of social sciences titled “The Turkish War of Independence and Atatürk Reforms in the Russian Media”.