Ali F.Bilir’s Recent Book “Migration Ballads” is at Cumhuriyet Newspaper

Ali F. Bilir`s recent book “Migration Ballads” is introduced in the daily Turkish newspaper, Cumhuriyet. The details about the news which is published in June 23th, 2008 is as following:

Bilir’s books have been Published

Culture Section – Poet Ali F. Bilir`s book, Migration Ballads, a combination of his two prior books, Göç Türküsü (1995) and Güz Anımsamaları (2003), has been published by Plain View Press in the US with the support of TEDA Project by Turkish Ministry of Culture. Migration Ballads is translated by Mehmet Ali Sulutaş and edited by poet Susan Bright.

The original news can be found at: Cumhuriyet Haberi

Ali F. Bilir was the guest speaker at Radio Kut, Austin, TX

Ali F. Bilir, his wife Saadet Bilir, his son Kuzey Bilir and publisher Susan Bright were guest speakers for the Radio KUT, for a show named, Kuta Eklektikos, by John Aielli. Ali F. Bilir read selections from his recently published book, Migration Ballads, at the program. Brightman read same verses in English. In the show, Kuzey Bilir held the task of interpreting and F. Saadet Bilir gave information about Turkish culture and Turkish music.

Radio show: Radyo programı